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How to Decorate

How to Decorate

We are going all out for Christmas this year—there’s just something very comforting and refreshing about leaning into joy and festivity wherever we can.    To say that the season might look a little different definitely qualifies for the understatement of the century, but that’s not stopping us from fully embracing a Christmas mood, from chic Christmas decor to setting a festive table. Even if it is for a virtual get-together. So, when dressing your Christmas tree with our quickie decorations don’t be afraid to go for a mixture of styles that will stand out from the rest. Decorations don’t need to be just on your tree, they can be displayed on your Christmas dining table or anywhere you like. It will inject that ultra-striking vibe into your décor.

When I'm decorating our home I go all out. Love that warm festive feel, the look I go for is a bit of old school. I like the traditional American vibe with a modern twist. I like mixing colours together so my tree is very colourful. When I was in my 20’s I travelled around America and from every state I have collected decorations which bring back a lot of memories.

One bit of advice, 'just go for it'. For the year that's in it, the more colour and lights you add will bring sparkle into your home.

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