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Whether you want to go for a complete living room makeover or upcycle an old piece, adding a selection of glorious cushions is a divine way to uplift your existing interior. Cushions can make a lovely addition to any sofa when styled right. So without further ado, let's talk you through the best ways to bring together a harmonious look that is the perfect pairing with your sofa style.


Whether your sofa is a bold hue in itself or gives an opportunity to add colour, cushions are a fabulous way to enrich your showpiece. A boldly coloured sofa will allow you to go as eccentric or harmonious as you wish with your cushion colour choices. By introducing additional colours to the room, this will draw attention to your sofa whilst the cushions become the star of the show. If you want your sofa to stand out in colour, consider using toned down cushions that blend beautifully with your wall colours and allow the sofa to do the talking within the space.


texture is so important when it comes to your sofa and its soft furnishings. If you want a cushion arrangement that showcases stunning style, adding texture is a glorious way to bring interest. Moreover, textural cushions are the perfect alternative for those who do not want to explore the world of pattern. What more, a charming textured cushion will add variety and character to a daring eclectic display. From calming cotton and voluptuous velvet to bohemian tassels and beautiful beads, there are so many ways to bring texture into your cushion arrangement.


For those who love to go all out, you can top off the look with some striking show stoppers! These will be the final cushions to really make your arrangement pop. Choose two unique cushions to place at the front of your display or perhaps one large cushion to create the wow factor. On top of this, as these cushions will be at the forefront of your sofa, this is where you can experiment with quirky shapes too. Introducing a unique cushion shape is a wonderful way to draw eyes to your fabulous showpiece. You will not regret it!

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